Medication Synchronization

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Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your medication refills and picking up your medications? If you answered yes, you may benefit from medication synchronization.

Med Synchronization, also called med sync, is a program we offer here at the pharmacy to help synchronize your medication refills so that you will be able to pick up ALL of your medications on a single day each month.

Speak to a staff member today about how we can get you set up on med sync.

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Medication Synchronization

Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your monthly medication refills and pick them up? If you answered yes, you may benefit from medication synchronization from Shenandoah Pharmacy!

Medication synchronization, also called med sync, is a program we offer here at our local, independent Shenandoah Heights and Lost Creek pharmacy to help synchronize your medication refills; this allows you to pick up ALL of your medications on a single day each month.

Browse all the details about this convenient service below and speak to a Shenandoah Pharmacy staff member today about how we can get you set up on med sync!

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What Is Medication Synchronization?

Medication synchronization (med sync) is a service provided by Shenandoah Pharmacy that involves coordinating all a patient’s medications to be refilled and available for pickup on the exact same day. Taking advantage of this service allows a patient to avoid making multiple trips to our Shenandoah Heights locally-owned, independent pharmacy several times a month. Speaking to a staff member about setting up this service translates to less time spent traveling to and from our establishment and finding time in your hectic schedule to make said trips.

Medication synchronization through Shenandoah Pharmacy also prevents you from missing critical doses if you cannot stop by to pick up a certain prescription on a certain day. The idea behind this service is to protect the health and safety of all patients in the Shenandoah Heights and Lost Creek area, by getting all of an individual’s necessary prescription refills taken care of at the exact same time! If you believe you could benefit from this service, reach out to our team today to learn more about signing up!

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How Medication Synchronization Helps Local Patients

As we briefly touched on above, the purpose of medication synchronization is to make keeping track of your own personal health and wellness easier. It can be terribly inconvenient to make multiple trips to the same refill pickup location, no matter how far away you live from Shenandoah Pharmacy; by providing this service to the community, our pharmacists help patients manage all their important, even life-saving medications.

In fact, by reducing the number of times you need to visit our locally-owned, independent pharmacy, you also reduce the number of times you are exposed to potential viruses or germs during flu season. Shenandoah Pharmacy’s goal is to get all the necessary supplements and pills a patient needs right to them all at the same time, so he or she doesn't have to worry about getting sick or driving on icy, dangerous roads.

Medication synchronization also eliminates the need for a patient to call in multiple prescription refills. Instead of making individual calls to Shenandoah Pharmacy to find out about each and every prescription you need to take, everything will be ready for you at the same time every month! Discover all the benefits of this service by contacting us!

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Inside Shenandoah Pharmacy’s Medication Synchronization Services

Ready to take advantage of medication synchronization? You can get started at any time with our locally-owned Shenandoah Pharmacy by speaking to our staff members. Enrolling in this convenient, organization service involves our pharmacists reviewing your ongoing prescriptions and developing a plan to ensure they can be picked up on the same day each month. Any necessary changes will be made to ensure you're properly set up for medication synchronization, and you will receive confirmation prior to your scheduled refill date.

When this date arrives, all you need to do is come to our Shenandoah Pharmacy location and pick-up your prescription refills just like normal — except this time, you’ll get all of the medications you need instead of just one or two. This process is then repeated every single month!

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Don’t let harsh severe weather, your busy schedule, or other obligations endanger your ability to take important prescriptions medications! Enroll in medication synchronization now through our local pharmacy to make sure you maintain taking the regular doses you need!

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